Alto Grande Super Premium Coffee

Alto Grande Super Premium Coffee is known as “the very best” because of its unique Arabica beans grown in ideal soil and climate conditions and processed to the most exact standards. The Hacienda Alto Grande was established in 1839 in the Buenos Aires and Santa Isabel sectors of Lares, Puerto Rico, and since the early 19th century has been producing one of the world’s finest coffee acclaimed in the Royal Courts of Europe and the Vatican in Rome.

Alto Grande Arabica has the hard beans classification. Each Arabic tree only produces one pound of coffee a year; a limited production, but of an unsurpassable quality that makes our super premium coffee stand out – a coffee we safeguard very carefully from the time it is harvested until it is packed, keeping it as fresh as the same day it was roasted.

Tasting profile: Experts enthusiastically describe it as a “rare and exotic Puerto Rican coffee with full body chocolate undertones and a sweet pointed aroma”.

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