Café Rioja

During the 1940s Don Ricardo Betancourt owned a grocery store named Rioja, located in the neighborhood of Santurce. He brought his own coffee beans to roast and grind them in the store. In addition to selling raw and ground coffee, he also sold glass bottles filled with coffee extract. Later, Rioja became the first company to put coffee grinders in the supermarkets so that customers could grind their selection of coffee beans.

By the end of the 1950s, Don Ricardo moved the coffee operation to a building on Guayama Street, right at the center of Hato Rey – San Juan’s Financial District. In 1979, Don Ricardo passed away and the brand was acquired by Café Sanders, who had their operations based in Aguadilla, a town on the West coast of the Island. The production of Café Rioja was then transferred to Aguadilla until 1992 when the brand was sold to Don José Enrique Jiménez from Café Yaucono.

Today, Café Rioja grinders are still in all major supermarkets for freshly ground coffee.  Following a tradition of freshness, customers who love a freshly grounded cup of coffee trust in Café Rioja.  With a history that travels from the capital out west, Café Rioja is a well-known brand across the island.

Tasting profile: Recognized by its aroma, Rioja has a full city roast. Perfect for an authentic cup of espresso coffee.

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