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As market leaders, we recognize that in addition to harvesting a quality product our commitment is to the community.

Therefore, since the beginning we have been establishing initiatives that harmonize with our nature and social environment, and that help our employees, farmers and coffee consumers thrive. In 2014 we launched our sustainability project “Sembrando el bien” (“Sowing the Good”) to reaffirm this commitment, strengthening our environmental, social and economic awareness.

This project focuses on four elements that are essential to conserving and protecting the coffee industry: land, community, progress and well-being.


Preserving the Land

  • We have an ecological “beneficiado” or coffee-milling process in which fossil fuel is not used to dry our high end coffees, helping to refuse and reduce by-product waste.
  • In 2012 we adopted 900 acres of abandoned land in the neighborhood Pugnado Afuera, in Vega Baja, and transform it into a leading-edge project that combines the traditional coffee farms with a center for research and development of varieties of coffee that are more resilient to pests and weather changes.
  • A million coffee trees! In 2015 we germinated and produced one million coffee trees, which are expected to produce new coffee by 2020 to increase local production and revitalize our industry. This initiative involves about one hundred Puerto Rican farmers. The goal is to increase annual production by at least 30,000 quintals of Arabica coffee for the 2019 and 2020 crops, equivalent to more than 2.5 million pounds for Yaucono Coffee.

Connecting the Community

  • Most of our employees come from communities adjacent to our farms and projects.
  • We currently inject over $15 million a year to the economy of the rural towns by purchasing coffee from local farmers.

Leading Progress

  • We develop new technologies to improve planting, maintenance and harvesting by promoting sustainable practices.
  • Several conferences about technology transfer have been offered to Puerto Rican coffee growers where they can learn how to deal with the challenges they face in their crops, such as pests, drought and low productivity. These workshops help foster direct communication with the coffee grower and we learn firsthand their needs and concerns.

Promoting Wellness

  • We motivated our more than 200 employees to improve their quality of life through resources and activities.

These efforts only continue to grow during the years.   We will constantly work at improving the local coffee industry through our employees, our over 1,700 coffee growers, and our communities.  We will keep sowing coffee… Sowing the Good.

Sembrar el Bien

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"Sowing the good", in Puerto Rico Coffee Roasters we are focused on continuing to work with farmers under a common purpose, in order to help grow and stimulate the local coffee industry.